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Specialty Dyed Yarn For Knitting

Daily Production of 110 Tons

The largest dyeing factory in the sweater yarn industry.
Dyed yarn stock
More than 5000 Tons dyed yarn in-stock.
Since 1990, solely dedicated to producing quality yarn.


About Us

Integrated Manufacturing and Trading Supplier

Xinglin Textile was founded in 1990 and is an integrated producer and supplier of sweater yarn, with its own spinning, dyeing and weaving factories. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality sweater yarn through rigorous quality control and cost management at every stage, achieving both high quality and reduced production costs. 2022, our annual sales volume has reached 20,000 tons, far ahead of other competitors in the sweater yarn industry.


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We carry an enormous inventory of all the things you need to complete your project: notions, patterns and trims.


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What make us different

industry leader

As of 2022, our annual sales volume reached 20,000 tons, placing us far ahead of our competitors in the sweater-yarn industry. The key reason for our success lies in the presence of our dyeing factory, which has a daily production capacity of 110 tons, making it the largest factory in the industry.

Integrated supplier

We cover the entire production and sales process, including spinning, dyeing, weaving, and trade sales. With our self-operated factories at multiple stages, we ensure consistent quality standards throughout the production process, enabling us to deliver high-quality products.

spot warehousing

We have five warehousing branches located within China, with a total inventory capacity of 5,000 tons for dyed yarn, maintain a ready stock of over 200 colors for all products.


What our Clients say About us

The largest dyeing factory in terms of scale in the sweater dyed yarn industry.

30000 m² +


230 million +




110 tons+

daily output

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